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Why is gin becoming so popular among young people?

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Gin has become the go-to drink of choice for many young people, with new bars and new styles entirely dedicated to it opening up across Britain and it’s the younger generation that’s driving the changes.

The manner in which we socialise, eat and drink in the UK has changed. We are more health conscious and maybe money conscious too. We are choosing quality over quantity and nowhere is this more evident than in younger age groups and the types of drinks being chosen.

We spend less time in nightclubs and pubs, where the emphasis is on get as much beer as you can, as quickly as you can, and we are opting for less fast-tempo encounters, opting for more mid-tempo settings, more moderato than prestissimo; like casual dining experiences.

According to Kantar Worldpanel Alcovision, ‘Younger people in particular are choosing to drink less but drink better and as well as being more aware of the health impacts of consuming too much alcohol, they are socialising on social media and not in nightclubs. With an ageing population trend globally it is no surprise that fewer people are going clubbing. Society has shifted from pure hedonism as an attractive way to spend time. Consumer, commercial, lifestyle, legislative, cultural and social factors are all combining to make us drink less but drink better.’

37.5% of under 35s say they prefer to pay extra for quality products in pubs, bars and restaurants (well above the average for all adults (29.6%).

In general, the drinking ‘occasion’ has transferred to ‘modern, on-trade’, casual dining and bar restaurants, with a premium gin and tonic now seen as the optimum choice if you only want ‘the one’ over beer or wine.

Not so very long ago if you asked for a G&T it would come from an optic and be thrown at you in a small Paris goblet wine glass, just like everything else. Younger people are now saying, no, and driving the trend toward gin wrought in numerous varieties, with a multitude of gins and in specific glassware, with more pizzazz. 

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