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What are some great gin mixers?

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With an incredible array of gins on the market these days, there’s not really an excuse to just grab the nearest bottle of cheap tonic to mix it with. Tonic has its place of course, and as gins have become more sophisticated so have some of the tonic waters that complement them.

And of course with so many gins comes your taste in gin. Once you’ve found your favoured gin, or more likely gins, you have to know what to mix it with and while complicate cocktails are great fun and taste amazing, you might not necessarily have all the ingredients to hand.

Here’s three to start with.


Tonic is probably the first thing on everyone mind, so much do the tastes go hand in glove, but why shouldn’t your first thought be a Martini? Let’s face it we’ve all got a bottle stored in the back of a cupboard somewhere and when I say Martini, I really mean vermouth, essentially aromatized wine, (Martini is a brand as well as the name of a cocktail) such as the Kina (or Blanc Lillet) in Fleming’s famous Veper and blends beautifully with the botanicals in gin, to give you possibly the cleanest of the classic cocktails. Unless you want it dirty of course, and who doesn’t?


Tonic water is clearly almost everyone’s go-to mixer. The thing here though, is to find a good tonic and not the off the shelf cheap supermarket variety, if you’ve spent good money on good gin, don’t waste it on poor quality tonic, go for tonics such as Fentiman’s, 1724 or Fevertree instead.


If you’re thinking of your waistline, soda’s the thing, plus using soda water only allows the botanicals and flavours of the gin to permeate through almost unblemished while adding some a nice bubbles to tickle across the your palate. Soda these days also comes flavoured, try Luscombe organic Madagascan vanilla soda if you want to be really posh. Fevertree and Fentiman’s do soda as well as tonic, the clever little souls.

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