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​The Blood Orange, Raspberry & Ginger G&T (Soho Tonics)

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Soho Tonics from the Soho Juice Company have the answer for all of your G&T woes with their range of mixed flavour tonics. Instead of spending endless hours searching the internet for that perfect gin + tonic recipe that doesn’t take three trips to your local supermarkets, say hello to Soho’s Blood Orange, Raspberry and Ginger Tonic. It is super tasty and goes so well with a shot (or two) of gin and only involves two ingredients!

Generally we would recommend using 50ml of gin for each cocktail – unless otherwise stated of course. If using a liqueur or other flavouring, we tend to drop to 40ml gin and use 10ml of the liqueur/flavouring.

Ingredients (per drink)

25-50ml gin

The Blood Orange, Raspberry & Ginger Soho Tonic (Buy Here)

Slice of bloody orange or a couple of frozen raspberries for garnish


Fill a Copa glass with Ice, add in a shot or two of gin and top with Soho Blood Orange, Raspberry & Ginger Soho Tonic. If you’re feeling fruity, add in a slice of blood orange or a couple of frozen raspberries.

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