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Popular Gin Drinks

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Gin’s botanicals give this spirit characteristics that no other liquor possesses; and it is amazingly versatile when it comes to flavours. 

Gin may not be as abundant an ingredient as vodka when it comes to cocktails, but it is the basis for some of the finest cocktails ever conceived.

Classic gin martini

The Martini may well be the best known of all gin cocktails and it best served using the best gin, and the best gin, is the one you like.

The beauty of a Martini is found in its simplicity: dry vermouth over gin, mixed in your favoured proportions.

Gin & tonic

Another basic, two-ingredient drink, it is the underpinning for a multitude of other gin highballs. Everyone can make this, and balance it to taste.

The tonic and gin combo is a classic and on the drier side of soda highballs, especially if sugary sweetness isn’t your thing.

Classic Gimlet Cocktail

An alternative to the classic Martini, is the Gimlet. Another two-ingredient mix, is a godsend on a hot summer’s day gin and lime in perfect harmony, the Gimlet can be made with lime and simple syrup.


If you’ve never had an apéritif, look no further than the classic Negroni, made with gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, ingredients which are the very embodiment of apéritifs and are the ideal appetite stimulant.

Campari is renowned for its bitter flavour, but if that’s what your palate likes there are few other drinks that work as well when it comes to complementing food.

Classic Floradora Cocktail

This obscure cocktail exemplifies the beauty of gin with raspberry, lime, and ginger ale and if you haven’t tried one yet, get to down to your local mixology class; everyone falls in love with a Floradora.

If you're feeling inspired to try a new cocktail or gin this summer, check out our selection of gins for some inspiration. 

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