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​Mulled Wine (Rioja)

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Mulled Wine (Rioja)

One of our favourite things about winter is the excuse to drink mulled wine (unless you’re based in Scotland, as you will always have an excuse with the ever blending Scottish seasons!). There is nothing better than a cup of warm spicy red wine, it reminds us of mulling around Christmas markets and wanting an alcoholic bevvy but also wanting to keep our fingers nice and toasty. For an extra kick, you can also add in a splash of Brandy just before serving. If you’re in a rush, you can buy pre-made mulling syrup to add into the mixture rather than making your own.


½ bottle Taruso Rioja (Buy Here)

1 cinnamon stick

2 star anise

2 cloves

1 orange, sliced

1 lemon, sliced

50g/1¾oz brown sugar

25ml Lauvia Brandy (optional, Buy Here)


Cut slices of orange and put on a plate, cover and reserve for garnish. Meanwhile, for the syrup peel quite large sections of peel from the fruit and put aside. Add the sugar in a large saucepan over a medium heat and then add the pieces of peel into the pan and squeeze in the juice from the orange. Add in the cloves, cinnamon stick, bay leaves and a generous grating of nutmeg, then stir enough red wine to cover the sugar (you don’t want to add too much wine at this stage, as the alcohol will evaporate). Let the syrup simmer until the sugar has completely dissolved into the red wine, then bring to the boil. Keep boiling until you’ve got a thick gloopy syrup. This is creating the base for the mulled wine. When the syrup is ready, turn down the heat to low and add in star anise, more cinnamon and the rest of the wine. Gently heat this until it is warm and you’re ready to serve!

Hibiscus and Grapefruit G&T (Hibiscus Tonic)

A question that is frequently asked, what is the best garnish to go with Gin? We have found the answer. Pink Grapefruit. Without a doubt, this fruit is so fresh that it brings a whole new angle to the G&T, livening it up and brining a citrus sweetness that can cut through the Gin to create something really special. Dare I say it, it could turn a gin hater into a gin lover.

Generally we would recommend using 50ml of gin for each cocktail – unless otherwise stated of course. If using a liqueur or other flavouring, we tend to drop to 40ml gin and use 10ml of the liqueur/flavouring.

Ingredients (per drink)

25ml Gin

1 slice of pink grapefruit

Splash of pink grapefruit juice (optional)

Hibiscus Tonic Water (Buy Here)


Add a wheel of pink grapefruit into a rocks glass and fill with ice. Add in a shot (or two) of gin and finish with Hibiscus tonic water. If you’re feeling fruity, cut a wedge of pink grapefruit and squeeze the juice into the glass. Thank us later!

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