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Make the Most of the World Cup this summer; Try our World Drink List!

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Why simply watch the world cup with the same drink you’ve had for the last four years? Mix things up and try something new from our worldwide drinks list.

  • Russia: Beluga Transatlantic Racing Vodka

The controversial hosts are known for many things, but the word people most associate with Russia will always be vodka.

That’s why you should make sure to get a taste of the host’s classic drink and try our Beluga Transatlantic Vodka.

Inspired the success of the Russian transatlantic sailing team, this crisp and fresh tasting vodka has notes of honey and milk thistle and can be enjoyed neat or with a simple mixer.

  • Spain: Imagic Gin

A truly magic gin that reflects the Spanish style of play. Just when you think you know enough about this drink, it will change colour before your very eyes from its amber hue to a light shade of pink.

Expect classic notes of citrus alongside all the traditional botanicals as Imagic blends classic flavours with a modern twist.

  • Mexico: Aquavira Blanco Tequila

Mexico have drawn the short straw in the group stages. Going up against Germany and Sweden to fight for their place, if you’re supporting them we won’t be judging when you want to crack open the stronger stuff.

So what better than a classic Mexican tequila. Although the drink boasts citrus flavours and a hint of white pepper, that’ll be the last thing on your mind when you knock back a glass of this classic drink famed the world over.

  • France: Champagne Gremillet Brut Selection

Champagne might be a bit presumptuous at this early stage. But it’s undeniable that France have fielded an utterly fantastic team this year. And at just £22.95, why not treat yourself to some classically French champagne.

  • England: Hoxton Gin

England have a troubled relationship with world cup hopes. We spend four years rationally thinking we have no chance of coming close, but when the whistle blows and the tournament begins, somehow we always find ourselves believing that we have a chance.

That’s why Hoxton Gin is a good match for our world cup journey. Born out of a forward thinking community in Shoreditch, this gin is punchy, complex and endearing to say the least.

  • Japan: Hibiki Harmony Masters Select

Underappreciated, often overlooked, but consistent; at least since 1998 anyway. Japan are always an interesting team at the world cup, but never one that people rest their hopes on.

And you can sort of say the same about their whiskey. Although people often associate good whiskey with Ireland, Scotland or US bourbon, in recent years there has been a slow and steady growth from Japan.

Their Hibiki Harmony Masters Select is an elegant blended whiskey with wafts of honey and light oak.

  • Portugal: Martins De Sa Tawny Port

Premium, aged and smooth… And their port isn’t too bad either.

Martins De Sa Tawny is a classic port from the country renowned for their sweet, after-dinner wines. Simply a great tasting summer drink.

And here’s a few from countries that didn’t qualify…

  • Chilli: Las Montanas Sauvignon Blanc

South America have always had a history of performing well in the world cup. Dating back to 1950, South American teams have won just under half of all world cup finals. Although this has usually been dominated by Brazil and Argentina.

Sadly Chilli didn’t make it this year, but you’ll still be able to enjoy a drink from their world-renowned vineyards.

For just £8.95 you can enjoy this fruity, floral and refreshing wine with just a hint of tropical fruit.

  • Wales: Aber Falls Dry Gin

The problem with resting all of your world cup hopes on one player is that it never works on the international stage. Wales haven’t qualified since 1958, and that was by default.

Luckily their gin is not a reflection of their world cup hopes, as Aber Falls have consistently made great-tasting gin since the 19th century.

In true Welsh spirit their dry gin is a direct affront to the idea that London Dry is the staple of the gin community.

  • Italy: Oscar Bianco 697 Vermouth

For the first time in 60 years, Italy won’t be fielding a team in the world cup, and they’ve only got themselves to blame.

You can fault the players, the managers, the coaching staff, but one thing you can’t fault is the vermouth.

First produced in Turin, and the staple part of a classic martini, make your summer one of exploration and try this classic aperitif.

  • USA: Michters No1 Bourbon

In just eight years since the USA kicked England out the world cup, and just four short years since they got into the final 16, they’ve now failed to qualify and are seemingly back to square one.

In that time, however, Mitchers have had their small batch whiskey safely stored away in wooden barrels slowly accumulating flavour.

So when better than forget the US are out of the world cup than by enjoying what the Americans are best at, simple, great tasting bourbon.

  • Scotland: Douglas Laing Epicurean

We’ll finish the list with a simple scotch.

Douglas Laing blend whiskeys from across the Scottish lowland to create a beautiful, medium-bodied whiskey that balances the sour, bitter characters with thick sweet fruits.

If you know of any drinks that you’ll be celebrating the world cup with, or would like inspiration to try something new while you watch, check out our wide selection of products and find the drink that compliments your world cup experience.

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