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Make in Minutes: 5 Gin Cocktails

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Add the in-thing to your in-thing gin repertoire. These quick and easy gin cocktail recipes can be created in minutes: giving you more time to enjoy the party.

Gin is now more popular than when it was in Dicken’s day, and therefore a good time to learn some simple recipes that don’t need any fancy equipment for, you can even use a jam jar as a cocktail shaker.

To get your juices flowing, here are a few pointers to boost your cocktail-making poise:

  • Eating and drinking is done in 3 stages seeing, smelling and then tasting.
  • The central idea when mixing drinks is to make it look good, while getting a balance between sweet tastes and sour/bitter ones. Don’t let one component overpower the other.
  • Taste before you serve; make sure they’re right.
  • When serving over ice, fill the glass to the top.
  • Make sure your garnish is fresh.
  • As a rule of thumb use 50ml of gin. If using a liqueur as well, drop that to 40ml and make it up to 50 with 10ml of the liqueur.

    It’s best to use fresh citrus juices with a balance of 20ml to 15ml of sugar syrup (50-50 sugar and water).

    Bramble Short

    Created by legendary bartender Dick Bradsell.

    40ml gin

    20ml sugar syrup

    20ml lemon juice

    10ml crème de mure

    Berries or lemon zest for garnish

    A measure of dry gin, shake together with the lemon and sugar syrup, pour over crushed ice, drizzle the crème de mure through the drink. Garnish with lemon zest or fresh berries. A true party pleaser.

    French 75

    The French 75 is less boozy than some others but is better for the fizz.

    10ml gin

    10ml orange liqueur

    10ml lemon

    5ml sugar

    Prosecco, Champers or whateves, the fizz of your choice

    Mix the gin, orange liqueur and lemon juice in a flute and top with chilled bubbly.

    Elderflower Collins

    If you want to show off, make your own elderflower cordial, it’s well worth it, otherwise it’s off to the supermarket.

    50ml gin

    20ml lemon

    10ml sugar syrup

    10ml elderflower cordial

    Sparkling water

    Shake the gin with the lemon, sugar and a dash of elderflower. Pour over rock ice and lengthen with sparkling water. Change up the water to sparkling wine for an Elderflower Royale and garnish with a sprig of your favourite herb.

    Sloe Gin Fizz

    Wintery sloe gin with a mean cocktail kick.

    50ml sloe gin

    20ml lemon

    15ml syrup

    20ml egg whites

    Shake together sloe gin, lemon, sugar syrup, a rosemary sprig and the fresh egg white with ice. Then, to ensure maximum froth, shake without the ice. Serve straight up in a wine glass with a fresh rosemary sprig.


    Italian wisdom suggests you need to drink three of these before you begin to love them and who are we to argue?

    25ml gin

    25ml sweet vermouth

    25ml Campari

    1 orange

    Pour the gin, sweet vermouth and Campari into your favourite rocks glass over ice. Stir, then, zest the orange over the glass and add the citrus to the potion. This one doesn’t need minutes, it’s done in seconds.

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