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​Liquid S’more Cocktail (Marshmallow Syrup)

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Liquid S’more Cocktail (Marshmallow Syrup)

For all of you that love campfire s’mores, but hate to camp, fear not, we have just the ticket (without the rain, sweaty tents and sleeping bags). This is a liquid s’more which you can enjoy without the mess of a fire.. and even better it includes alcohol! You can thank us later.


Crushed Graham crackers

25ml Tito’s Vodka (Buy Here)

10ml William Fox Marshmallow Syrup (Buy Here)

1 Tablespoon chocolate syrup or liqueur

25ml Bailey’s Irish Cream

50ml of cream (One in the shaker, and one to pour on top of the finished drink)

Toasted Marshmallow (Optional)


Start by dipping the edge of a martini glass into cream, and then into crushed graham crackers. This gives you the flavouring of the s’more and looks pretty darn good too. Drizzle the chocolate sytup into the cocktail shaker, along with William Fox Marshmallow Syrup, Tito’s Vodka, Bailey’s and h

alf of the cream. Fill the shaker the rest of the way with ice, and get shaking. Pour the mixed drink into the cocktail glass, leaving the crackers in tact. Top the drink with the rest of the cream, and if you’re feeling fancy feel free to add a toasted marshmallow for garnish.

A liquid version of your favorite campfire treat. This liquid s'more cocktail features marshmallow vodka, Irish Cream, and cream...easy and delicious!

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