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Is Gin & Tonic Sweet?

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The answer to this is simple; yes, no sometimes and depends.

See, simple.

The Gin

Gin itself is a neutral-flavoured spirit, mostly made from vodka, either through the process of distillation or compounding (adding flavours to already distilled sprit) with the addition of juniper berries; essential, coriander seeds, Angelica root; optional etc. none of which are naturally ‘sweet’.

Many modern gins, such as Hendrick's, No. 10 for instance, where the botanical perfumes are quite strong and floral can be confused with sweetness. Bloom Gin has honeysuckle and chamomile, and Silent Pool, which has 24 botanicals which include rose petals, chamomile, lavender and elderflower and local honey to give it a sweet, smooth finish.

So perceptually yes, to some people gin can comes across as ‘sweet’.

Parma VioletTurkish DelightVanilla Bean Marshmallow, or Cherry Bakewell gin are also designed to be ‘sugary’ sweeter, as they are based on actual sweets, dessert or cakes and the like, part of the whole classic childhood, adulthood regained stuff.

The Tonic

As it goes, tonics have almost as much sugar as a can of cola! Although better quality tonics often don’t. But with the addition of quinine, a bitter, ‘astringent’ flavour and ‘sour’ flavours citrus fruit such as lemon or lime, to balance it out, it all comes down to perception.

The papillae on your tongue, the things we call taste buds, allow you to differentiate between sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavours. However, people have different tolerances to say, sugar, than others, giving them what we would call a sweet tooth. So drinks for those people might make us pull a face, while they might be the ones doing the face-pulling if given a drink with sour, lemony notes.

What I, or my taste buds prefer, you might not.

See, simple; yes, no, sometimes and depends.

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