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How does one make a proper Gin & Tonic?

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The classic G&T; an often underrated, very simple cocktail that’s been a firm favourite for years. However, with the recent Gin-boom a Gin & tonic now has more twists & flavours than ever before.

With only two ingredients, creating an enjoyable Gin & tonic should be easy, but are you choosing the right tonic for your Gin? Here are some of our favourite Gins complemented with a tonic that really accentuates their hidden notes. 

The Classic Gin

Dry Gin Gin & Tonic

If you’re loyal to a classic dry Gin, the Brokers London Dry Gin is perfect for you. This is a fine and gin which has been lauded by critics, Broker's is made with herbs, spices and fruits for a hint of flavour, and is blended to be extra dry. We recommend serving over ice with a premium Indian tonic water.

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The Fruity Gin

If you’re a lover of flavour, That Boutique-y Cherry Gin will become an instant favourite. With the succulent fruity sweetness of cherry, a citrusy tang and a touch of juniper berry this is sure to be a treat to the taste buds. We recommend pink grapefruit tonic water with slices of orange to really bring out that citrus taste.

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The Fragrant Gin

The Zymurgorium Manchester Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur is a treat for the senses. With a gorgeous scent, taste and violet colour it’s an all-rounder. It has an incredible Parma violet flavour with a good Gin presence, it's flagrant and sweet without losing the classic gin taste, making this Gin truly unique. Due to its distinct flavour, we recommend serving with a classic tonic water and ice in a balloon glass. If you’re feeling extra adventurous you could cover the edge of your glass in sugar for an artistic touch.

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The Pink Gin

A clear favourite, pink Gin has quickly taken over and is now a regular drink ordered at bars and pubs. One of our favourites is the Bosford Rose Premium Gin. This particular gin has notes of rose strawberry and raspberry, making it a perfect pink gin. We recommend serving with a raspberry tonic water, plenty of ice and garnish with an array of cranberries, raspberries and strawberries for the prettiest and tastiest Gin & tonic.

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These are just a few of our favourite gins to create a unique gin & tonic, explore our wide range of Gins and create your own classic G&T here.

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