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One in 16 People Drink Gin Daily

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New research has revealed gin to be a national treasure, with one in 16 people asked professed to drink it on a daily basis.

Commissioned by national events businesses, the study asked 500 adults and more than three quarters – 77% of people – consider gin a primary choice of alcoholic beverage.

With over 315 distilleries now in the UK and no signs of slowing down, gin has been catapulted into the public sphere, and research shows that a preference for gin is unaffected by gender, age, salary or living situation.

Sociable Drink

Roughly 70% of those asked said they were more likely to drink gin at home, parties or functions rather than a bar or a pub.

Although 40% of those people said they were willing to pay more good quality bottles of gin and over half viewed it as a sociable gin.

Just the BeGINning?

The Gin Fayre, which launched in 2017 allows visitors to try samples from a wide variety of distilleries across the globe.

Founder and managing director, Jasmine Wheelhouse, expressed her positivity in the new gin movement ahead of World Gin Day on Saturday, saying:

“There is no denying that gin is undergoing a huge revival; it’s such a flexible drink that can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways and the simplicity in its production is what makes it such a popular choice for an alcohol beverage.”

“Our research has made it clear the gin surge we are experiencing is showing no signs of slowing down.”

“Once known as mothers ruin, gin is now a beverage enjoyed by all ages, genders and social backgrounds.”

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