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Gin Cocktail Recipes That Aren't Just Gin & Tonics

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The best clear spirit in your cabinet is gin. Its herbal flavours lend themselves to refreshing cocktails from classic martinis and gimlets to punches and smashes, most of which aren’t made with tonic.

Even if you choose an artisanal brand that uses the finest ingredients, tonic water’s sharp, bitter flavour is not, well, everyone’s tipple.

If you happen to dislike tonic but still want to create an artless, two-ingredient cocktail using gin, try these out.

Elderflower Pressé

Gin and the French elderflower liqueur St-Germain, have a special relationship. Together, they infuse to create cocktails that taste and smell like an intoxicating, meadow bouquet in a glass.

If you want something a little lighter and with a little spritz, try it with elderflower pressé which is a carbonated water, suffused with fresh elderflower and lemon juice, a great thirst quencher.

San Pellegrino Chinotto

San Pellegrino Chinotto is a bittersweet soda somewhere this Italian soda gets its flavour from bitter, chinotto orange oil.

When mixed with gin, this soda creates a fantastic pre-dinner spritz, perfect for sipping on sun-drenched patios.

Ginger Beer

Ginger ale isn’t only for vodka; one of the less appreciated couplings is gin.

AKA, Gin Buck, this zesty highball is the perfect fizzy sipper for drinking all year round. In summer, try a light, herbaceous gin with a fiery ginger ale for that ultra-refreshing pick-me-up, or in winter, mix an American dry, such as Bluecoat’s barrel-aged gin, a dash of Angostura and ginger beer.

Sparkling Lemonade

To concoct the perfect Tom Collins, perceived mixology wisdom is to pre-infuse oleo-saccharum but this should be used sparingly, as it can be tart, and dense with the combination of oil and sugar a bit cloying, but why, when it’s hot and you just want a drink and a sit in the shade.

Simply mix gin with a good sparkling lemonade, for a bright, citrusy, effervescent quencher.

Grapefruit Juice

Contained within author Harry Craddock’s, Savoy Cocktail Book, is a cocktail recipe that balances grapefruit’s lush bitterness with an herbaceous gin. While freshly squeezed grapefruit is always the best choice, this surprisingly gluggable cocktail is almost as good with a Ruby Red grapefruit juice form the supermarket. 

Do you have a favourite recipe? Make sure you let us know by commenting below. Are you still looking for ginspiration? Check out the gins we have in our store and find the drink for you. 

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