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​Festive Prosecco

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We love any excuse to add fancy garnishes into our cocktails, and what better excuse than Christmas? Add this ingenious but oh-so-simple addition into your prosecco over the Festive period and your guests will be more than impressed.

Ingredients (per drink)

125ml Santa Loretta Prosecco (Buy Here)

50 grams of caster sugar

25ml Cranberry syrup (optional)

Three cranberries

Fresh sprig of rosemary – make sure you buy some with stalks that can pierce the cranberries


Frost the glasses by dipping the rims in water then into caster sugar and set to one side. Now take the rosemary and pierce three cranberries onto the stalks and set to one side. Add the cranberry syrup (optional) to the bottom of the champagne flute and pour over the prosecco. Place the rosemary decoration into the bottom of the glass (with the cranberries at the bottom). Voila, a Christmas inspired prosecco cocktail perfect for any dinner party.

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