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7 Exciting bonfire night cocktails with a bang

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Bonfire night is fast approaching, the perfect excuse to discover a new favourite beverage! (Not that you need one).

With summer officially over, we are now saying goodbye to fruity notes and hello to our more autumnal gin flavours to warm the cockles of your heart. So, put the pink gin away and stumble upon a new treasure.

Here are 7 bonfire night cocktails that we think are perfect for an explosive night.

Gunpowder Irish Gin £29

Gunpowder Irish Gin Bonfire Night Cocktail

We wouldn’t have bonfire night without gunpowder, now get it in your drink!

The journey of Gunpowder Irish Gin begins with the master distiller, PJ Rigner. After taking many journeys into the unfamiliar terra incognita, he stumbled across the wild and unspoiled landscape of Drumshanbo. The key ingredient, as the name alludes to, is the Gunpowder tea that sets this gin apart from the rest, and makes it a must in the eyes of any ginthusiast.

We recommend serving with lots of ice, an elderflower tonic water and garnish with a slice of red grapefruit to compliment the citrus notes.

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Old J Tiki Fire Spiced Rum £34.45

Tiki fire spiced rum bonfire night cocktail

Tiki Fire 151 takes the much loved recipe of Admiral Vernons spiced rum with Persian lime and vanilla. However, with a whopping 75.5% volume it’s sure to warm you up this bonfire night.

The strength of the Tiki fire spiced rum makes it unmissable. We recommend serving over ice with orange zest for the perfect bonfire night cocktail.

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Persian Blue Marshmallow Gin £32.95

persian blue marshmallow gin bonfire night cocktail

Who doesn’t love roasting marshmallows on bonfire night? Get your extra dose with this Persian blue marshmallow gin. Bombay Sapphire definitely has something to fear in The Handmade Gin Company’s cerulean creation, and they’re not the only ones jumping on the trend, with other blue gins popping up all over England.

We recommend serving with a quality tonic water, lots of ice and a curl of lemon in a martini glass.

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Ginsmiths Marshmallow Gin £41.70

Ginsmith's marshmallow gin bonfire night cocktail

You can never have too many marshmallows, especially on bonfire night! This gorgeous gin offers aromas of Vanilla and Marshmallow sweetness. Cutting though the rich Marshmallow mouthfeel are savoury flavours of Juniper and Nutmeg.

We recommend serving with lemonade or prosecco with a scoop of marshmallow fluff for a gorgeous gin fizz.

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5th Gin Red Fruits Fire £34.81

5th fire gin bonfire night cocktail

Not ready to say goodbye to all the fruity flavours? This gin is perfect for you. 5th Gin Fire is unique, in that it has been crafted with a whole range of soft red fruits (think blackberry, currants, strawberry’s and more) as well as an initially mild but noticeable juniper kick.

For a deliciously sweet bonfire night cocktail, we recommend serving with a sweet tonic water or lemonade garnished with blackcurrants.

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Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Liqeuer £17.95

fireball cinammon whiskey liqueur bonfire night cocktail

Rumor has it that Fireball Whisky was forged sometime in the mid-80s during the coldest winter Canada had ever seen. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky is a mixture of whisky, cinnamon flavouring and sweeteners that is produced by the Sazerac Company.

We recommend having this liqueur neat or on the rocks (whichever you prefer) for the perfect winter warmer.

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Highwest Campfire Whiskey £65

highwest campfire whiskey bonfire night cocktail

High West Campfire was born when Dave Perkins and his wife woke up one morning at the Bruichalddich B&B on Isaly and smelled peat in the air. This borned the idea for a CampFire combining the sweet vanilla flavours of bourbon whiskey and Rye whisky. With notes of cinnamon, sultanas and toffee, it’s autumn in a glass.

This is a sipping whiskey, so we recommend enjoying over a few blocks of ice.

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These are just a few bonfire night cocktails we love for this season. Couldn’t find one right for you, explore our wide range of drinks here!

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