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The Best American Gins

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Gin is having its moment in the sun, unlike the 17th century when gin was having its moment in the gutter.

Globally, the profile of gin has never been higher, from Australia to Sweden, and South Africa to Scotland, gin producers are inspiring amazing creations that extend far beyond the traditional juniper only.

One of the most exciting and forward thinking gin markets is in America.

US distillers are embracing the zeitgeist (excuse the pun) experimenting with an array of uncommon botanicals and flavours, utilising a range of base ingredients and reviving old techniques to create unique gins.

Here’s my top 3 America gins to try.

Anchor Old Tom Gin

All the way from sunny San Francisco, Anchor Distillery has reignited the old practices of gin making, using techniques that haven’t been in use since 1950.Thanks to the massive revival of gin in recent years, old methods have been dug up and the Old Tom practice of gin making has seen a resurgence. Anchor Old Tom is pot-distilled and unfiltered, as opposed to the column-distillation process of London Dry Gin, and this, coupled with the untraditional Paraguayan botanical Stevia, makes Anchor’s Old Tom far sweeter than its London contemporary.

Buy yours now here.

Junípero Gin

Crafted in San Francisco since 1997, Junípero is one of the oldest craft gins on the US market and comes in at a naughty 98.6%. As the name suggests, it relies on a classic juniper essence, but with enough citrus and spice notes that it isn’t weighed down by tradition.

Buy yours now here.

Aviation Gin

A Dutch-style gin from America. Aviation is unique and bold in every way, and it shows in their gin. The initial concept of the gin was enacted at a party in Seattle in 2005. A bartender was given a 'summery gin' to try that contained less juniper than your average tipple. Recognising the subtle flavours will prove a hit, Aviation was born, moving away from traditional gin methods and kicking production into the 21st century.

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These are just a few of our favourite gins, explore the rest of our range here!

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